On Tuesday, May 1st, National Avenue will be closed from 70th Street to 76th Street for the remainder of 2018.  The street was constructed 77 years ago, and is undergoing some great changes - including a bike lane and beautiful streetscape.  

We are in the middle of the closure, but we will remain OPEN!  All side streets will remain open, giving many options for alternative access to Donnelly Chiropractic.  

Coming from the north, you can continue on 70th Street to Mitchell or Becher Street and use 73rd Street to access our parking lot and street parking.  

Coming from the south, you can continue on 76th Street to Becher Street to 73rd Street to access our parking lot and street parking.

74th and 75th Street between National Avenue and Greenfield Avenue will be TWO-WAY traffic beginning May 1st.  

Parking in our lot and on 73rd Street will remain unchanged.

We appreciate your support and patience - we are excited to be a part of the improvement and growth of West Allis!


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